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Banner Artwork by Black-Quose | Landing on Earth

March 28, 2018: Hey Moonies! Don't forget to submit for the Feature! Your submissions will be featured here after you comment or note them to the group and then in their own Journal/Blog after the Feature deadline! Find details in the :bulletpink: Spring Feature Event :bulletpink: section below!

March 19, 2018: Hey Moonies! Another new prize was added last week, check it out! Also, I will have limited access to the group from Thursday through Sunday and may not be able to accept submissions/etc. I will certainly check up regularly, but it's hard to manage groups via mobile! I'll do my best!

Hey Moonies!

It’s March and that means the start of the 2018 SailorSenshi Events! There will be different events throughout the year, please refer to the schedule if you’d like to know the details.

2018 Sailor Senshi Event Schedule [x]

First up is the Next Generation Contest as well as the Spring Features!

:bulletpink:Next Generation Contest II :bulletpink:
Design the Next Generation of Canon Sailor Senshi!

Deadline: June 22nd 2018
Entires [x]

What will the next generation of senshi look like? For this theme this time around you can choose a Sailor Senshi OR any other canon character and draw their children as Sailor Senshi or villians (or BOTH)! Here are the details and rules…

• Design a new senshi or villain as the child of a Canon Character (Civilian characters may be chosen, but child must be villain/senshi/otherwise magical or heroic).
—If you are unsure if something is allowed, feel free to ask but if they are from either Anime, the Manga, Live Action, or Musical you’re probably fine.

• You may design them in a Fuku, a Princess dress or BOTH for two separate entries! Now including villains and heroic forms (such as Tuxedo Mask) (You can only win one placement, your highest ranking will be the one counted. ex. You win First and Third. you will Lose 3rd and 3rd place will go to the entry 4th place, etc.)

• You may submit to the contest TWICE. Again, only one can win a placement. Extra entires can be featured along with the contest and not be voted on. Your first two entires will be the ones entered with every one after going to the featured section unless you state otherwise.

• You may use an existing character you have already designed but please create a NEW piece to enter. No submitting works you did before the contest.

• No stealing others’ characters. You MAY use someone else’s character but you MUST provide written permission both to the group and in your artist comments on your submission with credits and links to the character you are drawing. This is not preferred but we do understand that not everyone enjoys to design new senshi and characters.

No canon characters! (Ex. No Chibiusa, Kousagi, etc.) EDIT 3/02: Actually going to allow Canon Children this time as long as you're redesigning their dresses/fuku. This includes the Amazon Quartet/Asteriod Senshi

• Art Types Allowed: Traditional Art, Digital Art, Comic-style Literature
• Art Types Not Allowed: Photoshop/Collages/Edited images, Text Literature, Cosplay

• Complete pieces (no sketches or uncolored work) You may do a reference sheet (NOT required) but please make sure it is complete, no sketches.

•Be sure that you note that it is a contest entry and link to the group as well as the contest (Group link required, contest link optional)

• You may draw them with their Senshi parent but be sure that your Senshi is prominent in the piece!

• Please submit to the corresponding folder in the galley.

• Rules may be added or modified in case I forgot something. I will update to let you know if this happens.



:bulletgreen: Azure-and-Copper (ADMIN)
A choice of a button or a Sailor Pokemon Trainer Card (changes possible)
Examples... [Sailor Senshi Pokemon Trainer Cards] [Sailor Moon Buttons]

:bulletgreen: BunniiChan (ADMIN)
Ami Mizuno Bookmark Paper Samples
Example...[x] (If I get the actual bookmarks done, those will be added! :heart: )

:bulletgreen: Minasaturne - Sailor Moon Magents! [x]

:bulletgreen: reirei18 1st Place Winner's OC drawn with her OCs from [x] and Sailor Senshi of choice!

:bulletgreen: All Entries of this and future contests and collabs will be added to a new collection folder on BunniiChan's page. And as always, winners will be copied into the Feature Folder in the Gallery.

:bulletpink: Spring Feature Event :bulletpink:
Create art for the event to be featured right here!

Not so keen on the contest? Want to do even MORE artwork for this event? Well you’re in luck!

From now through May is the Spring Themed feature! There are many categories for submission for this theme including specific Senshi whose birthdays range from January through May. See below and get creating!  

• Create and submit Sailor Moon Spring Themed artworks
• Create and submit artworks of Sailor Mars, Uranus, Neptune and/or Saturn.
• Create and submit artworks of VIllians and Other characters from Arcs 1 and 2 of Sailor Moon Manga and Anime.

You may submit up to three feature pieces. All must be recent art created in 2018. Please send a note or comment below with a link to the piece you want featured. If you’d like it in the gallery as well, please submit to the proper folders as you would normally.

:bulletpink: Feature Submissions :bulletpink:
More Journal Entries






Newest Members



Current Events/Useful Links

:bulletgreen: 2018 Sailor Senshi Event
Event Schedule [x]
Events Hub [x]
---Next Generation Contest Entries [x]

:bulletblue: Recently Ended
-- We are all Sailor Senshi! Collaboration --- [results]
ended January 15th 2018

:bulletpurple: Group Related Links
---Rule Clarification
---Submission Guide
---Super Group Donation

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HeartStorm4ever Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Since I'm new here, I wanted to ask if senshi made in doll makers are allowed. Some groups accept it and others don't, so I would like to know before submitting anything.
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FireFlea-San Featured By Owner May 11, 2017  Professional Filmographer
Hi there. Just wanted to warn you that dA user Neo-RedRanger, whom is a member of this group, is stealing Sailor Moon fan art (as well as many other fan arts) from other dA users (including me which he has stolen quite a few of my fan arts). I recommend removing this user from the group to further prevent users being stolen from.
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AmethystSadachbia Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Could you please let me know why Sailor Senthology: Rubymoon Megami was declined?
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