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Hey guys! Just a reminder that this is a thing. I'll be extending the deadline a bit so check that out below. Also, no one has donated any prizes (other than myself) so we are in desperate ned of some, if you could. Loving the entries so far!

(end update)

Hello Moonies! Such a close vote for the theme this time around! 21-20 at the time of choosing (as previously stated in the last journal). With Next Generation winning.

No worries, I've made some work arounds and as a special event we will hold a Collaboration Project! Taking a page from Traditional-Sailors's book, (I do love their collabs!)  we will hold a collaboration where you will claim characters and then draw them in new, redesigned dresses or in the case of those without dresses, design one for them! And to link it to this contest, the first, second and third places will have 1st, 2nd and 3rd claims respectively as one of their prizes!

I apologize now for any Canon->Cannon misspellings, autocorrect is strong with this one and I might not catch them all.  (Sorry, wrong fandoms lol)

Next Generation Senshi Contest:  Design children for Canon Senshi!

DEADLINE July 8th 2015 July 15th, 2015
(Closer to if time seems to be needed I will extend the deadline)

Initially this was geared toward the children in senshi form only but since the Princess Dress idea was so close and so popular, you may choose to draw them in their own Princess Dresses as well!

Rules, Guidelines

<NEW> You may have TWO "next gen" senshi in your piece. No more. One is preferred, though.

• Design a new senshi as the child of a Canon senshi.
— Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Saturn, Chibi Moon, Any of the Starlights, Kakyu, Galaxia, etc. Any CANON SENSHI is fair game, including animamates  If you are unsure, feel free to ask but if they are from either Anime, the Manga, Live Action, or Musical you’re probably fine.

• You may design that in a Fuku, a Princess dress or BOTH for two separate entries! (You can only win one placement, your highest ranking will be the one counted. ex. You win First and Third. you will Lose 3rd and 3rd place will go to the entry 4th place, etc.)

• You may submit to the contest TWICE. Two Senshi, Two Princess Dresses, One of each. Doesn’t matter but you can only submit two entries. Again, only one can win a placement.

• You may use an existing character you have already designed but please create a NEW piece to enter. No submitting works you did before the contest.

• No stealing others’ characters. You MAY use someone else’s character but you MUST provide written permission both to the group and in your artist comments on your submission with credits and links to the character you are drawing. This is not preferred but we do understand that not everyone enjoys to design new senshi.

• No canon characters! (Ex. No Chibiusa, Kousagi, etc.)

• Art Types Allowed: Traditional Art, Digital Art, Cosplay, Comic-style Literature
• Art Types Not Allowed: Photoshop/Collages/Edited images, Text Literature

• Complete pieces (no sketches or uncolored work) You may do a reference sheet (NOT required) but please make sure it is complete, no sketches.

•Be sure that you note that it is a contest entry and link to the group as well as the contest (Group link required, contest link optional)

• You may draw them with their Senshi parent but be sure that your Senshi is prominent in the piece!

• Please submit to the corresponding folder in the galley.

• Rules may be added or modified in case I forgot something. I will update to let you know if this happens.

PLEASE offer any prizes yo hare willing to give! Currently in desperate need!

ALL PARTICIPANTS will have their submissions invited to the galleries at the upcoming group GenerationSenshi

First Place
BunniiChan — Digital Drawing of your Winning Design, Pixel Icon of your Design, Llama

• FIRST PICK for Princess Gown Design Collab

• Your deviation will be submitted/allowed into the Featured folder at the new upcoming group GenerationSenshi


Second Place
BunniiChan — Digital Drawing of your Winning Design OR Pixel icon, Llama

• SECOND PICK for Princess Gown Design Collab

• Your deviation will be submitted/allowed into the Featured folder at the new upcoming group GenerationSenshi


Third Place
BunniiChan — Pixel Icon of your Design, Llama

• THIRD PICK for Princess Gown Design Collab

• Your deviation will be submitted/allowed into the Featured folder at the new upcoming group GenerationSenshi
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