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Collaboration Update

Current End Date: December 31st 2015

I am also now limiting the claims to two per user (doing a couple/group counts as one)
If you already have claimed and been approved for more, you're fine, go ahead and do your claims! We are starting to get fairly low and I want to give others a chance! Please look out for if we open them up to more again— it's very possible no one else will participate.

Have fun and thank you for participating!

Just Announced 09/28/15
Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3 Officially Green-lit!

Sorry I don't have time to write more but source links following the announcement image!

ANN Source:…
Official Site:…

Princess Dress Collaboration

Hey Moonies, this is an idea I’m borrowing from :icontraditional-sailors:
They often run “collaborations” and I thoroughly enjoy them so I thought why not do so here as well?

Below is a list of Sailor Moon Characters. All you have to do is comment on here to claim a character ( first come first serve, I’ll be checking time stamps ). As you can see, the winners of the contest got first dibs and have already claimed their characters.


• You must be a member to participate. New members are always welcome but be warned if you leave directly after claiming/submitting/etc. you will lose your claim and your submission removed from the collaboration folder. Obviously, if you leave later on you’re fine (or if you’ve been and member and leave AFTER submitting), we won’t trap you! It’s just unfair that you join, claim, and leave while an honest member may have wanted that character.
• You may only request one character at a time. Once you finish one you can come back and claim another.
• You cannot claim a character that is already taken.
• After claiming your character you are tasked with drawing/designing a new Princess Dress for them!
• Once finished make sure you submit to the corresponding folder in the gallery.
• Only finished works. No tracing, no doll makers, no cosplay, no stealing, no literature, etc. Pose referencing is allowed along as you credit properly.
• Note that your piece is for the collaboration in your artist comments with either (or both) a link to the group or a link to this journal.
• If a character is not listed and you would like to choose them, please comment and I will see if the character can be added for you.

:bulletred:Sailor Moon/Usagi - claimed by Delight046
:bulletred:Sailor Mercury/Ami - claimed by varaa
:bulletred:Sailor Mars/Rei - claimed by Kasuriri
:bulletred:Sailor Jupiter/Makoto - claimed by Izunichi
:bulletred:Sailor Venus/Minako - claimed by mors-somno

:bulletred:Sailor Chibi Moon/Chibiusa - claimed byPrettySoldierPetite
:bulletred:Sailor Pluto/Setsuna - claimed by Sybil-chan
:bulletred:Sailor Neptune/Michiru - claimed by jubalew
:bulletred:Sailor Uranus/Haruka - claimed by Fireflyhikari
:bulletred:Sailor Saturn/Hotaru - claimed by varaa

:bulletred:Queen(&Princess) Serenity - claimed by Lovix-Art
:bulletred:Sailor Cosmos - claimed by LaraInPink
:bulletred:Sailor Galaxia - claimed by Konzensama-Sanzosama
Sailor Star Fighter/Seiya
:bulletred:Sailor Star Healer/Yaten - claimed by Nemesis12
Sailor Star Maker/Taiki
:bulletred:Sailor Kakyu/Kakyuu - claimed by BunniiChan
:bulletred:Sailor Chibi Chibi - claimed by Minasaturne
:bulletred:Sailor Chaos - claimed by violetice

:bulletred:Sailor Iron Mouse - claimed by Tabascofanatikerin
Sailor Lead Crow
:bulletred:Sailor Aluminum Siren - claimed by Black-Quose
Sailor Tin Nyanko

:bulletred:Sailor Mau - claimed by Izunichi
Sailor Coronis/Kronos
:bulletred:Sailor Chi & Phi - claimed by Konzensama-Sanzosama
:bulletred:Sailor Lethe & Sailor Mnemosyne - claimed by SolarMiko

:bulletred:Sailor Ceres - claimed by Sophie-Lou
:bulletred:Sailor Pallas - claimed by MoonlightSenshi
:bulletred:Sailor Vesta - claimed by Azure-and-Copper
Sailor Juno
:bulletred:Sailor Parallel Moon - claimed by Fario-P

:bulletred:Phobos/Deimos - claimed by Konzensama-Sanzosama
:bulletred:Luna - claimed by xStubbornGlaceon
:bulletred:Diana - claimed by just-one

:bulletred:Queen Beryl - claimed by Delight046
:bulletred:Queen Nehelenia - claimed by Misuru

:bulletred:Black Lady - claimed by Minasaturne
:bulletred:Petz - claimed by Danielle-chan

:bulletred:Cyprine/Ptilol - claimed by xStubbornGlaceon

:bulletred:Osaka Naru - claimed by Delight046
Tsukino Ikuko/Mama
Sakurada Haruna
Nishimura Reika
Momohara Momoko/Momo

Completed Pieces

By the Contest Winners
Princess Jupiter by IzunichiPrincess of Time by Sybil-chan

Special Mentions/Picks
Princess Cosmos by LaraInPinkPrincess Serenity Gown Redesign by Delight046Sailor Saturn's Princess Dress by varaaVesta Princess by Azure-and-Copper

All the other amazing participants!
Princess Dress Collab: Kakyu by BunniiChanPrincess Kousagi Dress Idea by Fario-PSailor Mercury's Princess Dress by varaaPrincess Black Lady by MinasaturnePrincess Dress Collaboration: Chibi Moon [Color] by PrettySoldierPetiteQueen Beryl Dress Redesign by Delight046Galaxia Dress by Konzensama-SanzosamaChibi Chibi Princess Dress by MinasaturnePhobos Demios princess dress by Konzensama-SanzosamaLuna Princess Dress Collaboration by xStubbornGlaceon
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Minasaturne Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
And you BuniiChan will you choose a character to redisign her dress? :)
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IlleCapello Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello, there...

Is it possible to submit something like this:

minor characters like Kotono Sarashina and Yumiko as Sailor Uranus and Sailor Saturn?
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